Life is Arithmetic Poetry 

By the end of this paraGRAPH, you will begin to look at a GRAPH in a different way.  The same GRAPH you probably loved or hated back in school during Math class. So important a GRAPH is that you can’t picture anything without it. I could not find the right photoGRAPH to illustrate that. So close to you a GRAPH is that it defines your identity. How do you authenticate your identity? Your guess is as good as mine, through an autoGRAPH. 

So hey! Make the most out of your GRAPH. 

The variables in your life are measured at right angles along X or Y axes. Get the simple stuff right for the complex variables in the Z axis (third dimension of your life) to be in your favor. Or rather, get the simple things in life right for you to elevate from victory upon victory. ‘Ten out of ten’ as they like to say it. 

Life is arithmetic poetry.

The Graph
The Graph

Keep your mind going in the right direction, and your life will catch up with it.

2017 Second Half Jetpack


First half of 2017 may have been a setback. Midway through the year and you are already wondering how you will get back. All your ideas seem to be cliché. Needless to say that every cliché was once a bold and original idea. So I’ll go ahead and share a plan which many will consider to be cliché. The plan is to plan.

The bare minimum one can do in readiness of big expectations is to make big plans. Big plans that will either catalyze or create a soft landing for your massive breakthrough.

What if things don’t come through as per your expectations, you may wonder. Well, you are free to adjust your plan progressively.

Changing your plan does not show inconsistency, it shows willingness and flexibility to make things work when situations change. Changing ones goals is what might come off as a sign of inconsistency.

Now go back to your drawing board. In the remaining days before second half begins, take a half-time break. Map out plans and actions that will help you exceed your expectations without needing extra time. If it’s a debt burden, map out a clearance plan to start enjoying financial freedom. If it is building burnt bridges, map it out. Map it out, map it out, map it out…

Heights! Ambition! Action!

Word War Three 

Someone said that the third world war will be fought by sticks and stones. I beg to differ. The next war will be fought by words. We speak different languages you may argue; but, we share same meanings across the different languages. A word meant to evoke happiness in one part of the globe does that and a word meant to cause sadness in a different part of the globe, exactly does that.
The Arsenal

Huge arsenals will be set in Africa, Antarctica Arctic, Asia, America, Australia, Europe. They will contain thousands of weapons in the form of words: long words, short words. All of them will be lethal to the core and militants  from everywhere will combine the right set of WORDs  to a sharp sWORD of a tongue. They will cut right through their enemies’ ears, slicing their hearts beyond repair. The words will be further improvised through emojis which will make them sharper, hotter, more explosive 🗡🔪🔥💣 such that the enemy will be unable to resist the sharp sting 🦂.

The Wave

Many young in their innocence will be influenced by words of false hope and false promises to execute acts of terror. Terrible words will be said about the radicalized ones and extended to those who appear to portray similar traits, although not rightly so. Words of fear will spread among the innocent.  Words of hatred will spread among the terror attackers. Every word will be a bitter pill to swallow.

The Commanders in Chief

Inappropriate leaders will rise and lead their either developed, developing or under developed country. They will lie through their teeth promising economic upgrade to all. Only to upgrade themselves together with a few of their associates when they get into power. The rich with political connections will get richer. The rich with no political connections will get poorer. The poor will get poorer. So bad the situation will be that many will be unable to keep their word in accordance to the laws of their land. Corrupt thoughts on how to survive will lead to corrupt words of assurance. Like a corrosion, corruption will spread by each ill word and eat up the world to nothingness.
The War

The war will not be fought. Why? Because no one will have locked up victory and thrown the key into the deep seas. Victory will be accessible but only to those with the right choice of words. The ones who speak words of truth, words of love, words of wisdom, those are the ones who will reclaim the world from the edge of distraction.

If you are to be on the winning side, I’ll need your word. A commitment to be a champion of peace. That you will not engage in the use of words that lead to World War Three.

Do I have your word?

Silence: The Story of your Life

Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?
Who’s there?
Hey! Who’s there?!

You head to open the door and there is nobody at the doorstep.

Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?
Who’s there?
Hey! Who’s there?!

Again, you head to open the door and there is nobody at the doorstep. With a quizzical look, you dart your eyes all over the place to spot the person playing a prank but there is no one in sight.

Could it be someone plottting to steal my unga (packet of maize flour)?” You ask yourself.

So you lock the door threefold and retire to bed, not to sleep, but to stare at the ceiling retrospectively. In the deep silence you suddenly realize that nobody is knocking at your door anymore. It bothers you as if you desire for someone to knock. The silence is so disturbing that you are tempted to pick up your phone and call someone you have not spoken with for a while. You quickly sweep that thought under the carpet because you are a tough soldier and tough soldiers don’t have conversations with no agendas. So you sink back into the silence.

What seems to be hours later, you have gotten familiar to the silence. You break a smile when it hits you that Silence was the stranger knocking at your door with no need for introduction. Silence was the stranger seeking to be a friend in need, and right there with you is Silence.


Your phone rings and shocks you how far you had zoned out.. “I need to change that ringtone, it could be the reason I rarely receive important calls,” you tell yourself as you rush for your phone metres away.

When you pick up your phone, you see an unknown number. It scares you so much. “If that was Silence knocking at my door, this is certainly Silence calling me,” you think to yourself. It scares you that you are about to speak with Silence for the first time. So you compose yourself. “Wait, how do I say ‘hello without saying ‘hello’?” You ask yourself. You hesitantly swipe the answer button and…

Caller: Hello from the other side
You: Hello, how may I assist you?

At the back of your mind a hundred and one questions are bombarding you:
• Why does Silence sound like Adele?
• Why does Silence talk like Adele?
• Is Silence my ex?

Caller: I am calling from XYZ company to gladly inform you that…

That is the story of your life. Silence is a stranger who becomes a friend only to shortly break up with you when you say something. Make sure that that something is meaningful so that it is worth making up with Silence after the break up.

Silence can be beautiful; don’t break it unless you can improve it.