Will Liverpool win 2017/2018 Season?

Once in a while you try to move something with your mind, just in case. Once in a while I have looked at Liverpool’s position towards the end of a season and I’ve tried to move them to number one, just in case. 

I became a Liverpool fan back in 1997 and I have never experienced the joy of the team lifting the EPL cup. At least there is some solace when we lifted the Champions League cup back in 2005. Nevertheless, this could be our season (gasp!).

Why could this be our season? It is now twenty years and counting as a Liverpool fan. It is going close to thirty years since Liverpool last won the English premiership. Of course that is not a deserving reason why Liverpool should win. The main reason is that Liverpool is among the underdogs vouched to win the League. Alongside Tottenham and Arsenal, Liverpool is the more courageous underdog. Arsenal will bark a lot, Tottenham will charge a lot but Liverpool will have the guts to grab the bone.

This season, Manchester City have the best squad. Manchester United have the better squad.  Chealsea have a good squad. The trio are seen as wolves entitled to grab the bone. It will however require more brain than brawl to get the bone. A foxy move. 

Liverpool agreeably has a weak defence which makes most teams that play against them surge forward to grab a goal; or on rare occasions, sit back and launch a counter attack in anticipation that Liverpool will make a defensive error. The whole idea is that as other teams seek to penetrate Liverpool’s weak defence, they expose their defence to counter Liverpool’s pacey attack. An attack which is not clinical as of yet but could cause much damage.

If Liverpool’s midfield  hold the ball long enough and create more chances moving forward, they will relieve the pressure from their weak defence. Liverpool can hang on till the summer transfer window when they can add to their team to boost the defence and attack firepower. By that time, it will be safe to say that Liverpool will win the league. To bolster them farther, big wins in their Champions League fixtures will make the wolves in the EPL fear playing Liverpool.  The once underdogs would have improved their pitch credibility and dominance against big teams by the time we cross over to 2018.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Of course you have no reason to be afraid if you are a true Liverpool fan. You’ll never walk alone.


​Not Real Marketing 

Introduce yourself as a doctor and people will feel safe around you. Introduce yourself as a marketer and people will feel sick around you.

Picture you as ‘you’ in the conversation below: 

Me: Do you have diarrhoea?

You: Oh yes. 

Me: Is it itching and burning all around your body? 

You: Oh y’yes, all over. 

Me: Are you often tired, hungry and  experiencing a rumbling stomach? 

You: Mnhhh, y’yes, very often. 

Me: Well I can’t really help you with any of that. 

You: What?! 

Me: But I can tell you that this software solution does not make a fashion statement but it certainly works. With it you can collaborate with your clients, scale your information input and output in a secure and reliable way without having to worry about network downtimes. Oh, and good luck with the other stuff.

You: 💣fart! fart! fart!💣

It gets you sick to your stomach every time a marketer tries to sell you something you do not need, right? If you however have a business and want it to grow, ‘good’ marketing is inevitable. I insist on good because bad marketing is what most businesses put their customers through, like the example above.

So how do you do good marketing for your business? 

It is simple; be the good guy, not the bad guy. Identify yourself as the good guy in the equation of circumstances. Of course I do not expect  you to announce loudly to your customer that you are the good guy and wear sun glasses to disguise your heroic self because you will look awkward if you were to wear a mask of Zorro.

You have to be like a doctor, a good doctor. You have to understand your craft. Most importantly, you have to understand your buyer. Diagnose your buyer for his/her mentioned and unmentioned symptoms of dissatisfaction or appeal. Then position your solution as the antidote for the problem. 

Your buyer might not be convinced yet. The same way a that a doctor’s prescription might not ascertain your wellness probability right away but valid evidence from a recovering patient under a similar prescription as yours would. Or if you learnt that doctors use the same drug on their kids. In short, earn your buyer’s trust.

How do you earn your buyer’s trust? 

Demonstrate how your solution works and helps your buyer solve his/her problem. You can also ask some of your clients to offer their appealing experiences as a testimonial to boost your business credibility. This could be in the form of a short recorded interview or a text excerpt from your client’s approval of your solution.

Your marketing is now starting to look good. Do you want to make it better? You need to analyse and synchronize your business goals with data around the path of your buyer’s process; but, that is a topic for another day. Till then, remember to be the good guy.

​Loyalty has its Rewards and Regrets

From the cradle of mankind, sticking under the followership of a leader was a norm. From the head of the family way up to the elder of the clan, way up to the chief, and way up to the king. The leader had the final word which you would only go against at your own peril.

There came a time when the first rebel wagged his finger in the air and raised his voice against his elder because of a purported infringement of his “democratic right”.  In utter disbelief, the elder raised the matter with the chief who tabled it before their king.  Most certainly, things did not go well for the finger wagging person. Either he was ex-commuicated from the society or his finger was borrowed and dingled at the welcome sign of his town to serve as a warning to those who dared to speak against the order of the day.

As democracy grew over the centuries, it came to be labled as resistance. Rebels would be hanged in public or lynched or face other forms of torture. 

Even when leadership had matured into more structured hierarchies with comprehensive flow of command, it was still wrong to have an independent opinion. But for the loyal buch, rewards would be dished out to blind them from seeing their true identity which was ‘slaves in disguise’.

The thirst for power made leaders want to conquer the entire world and turn captives into slaves and concubines. The conquests led to emergence of nations, it led to slave trade, it led to wars. All along, loyalty had its rewards.

The voice of change could not be muffled any more when the spirit of the finger wagging person came back into the scene in the later centuries. People were no longer afraid to voice out and fight for their rights. People refused to be forced into focusing on false progress which was turning them into narrow-minded subjects. 

Culture matured over the years and democracy slowly became a spoke that helped spin the national wheel. Other societies chose to place democracy at the centre hub of the wheel hoping that that would help spin the national wheel faster. On the other side of the fence, dictatorship still made the wheel turn. Highly rewarded loyal subjects even found it better to do away with the wheel and carry their leader, seated at his throne, on their shoulders as a better way of forging towards their dreamland. 

Your country could be somewhere between democracy and dictatorship. According to democracy, the majority will have their way and the minority will  have their say. According to dictatorship, the majority will have their say and the minority will have their way. 

You have the choice of wagging your finger and raising your voice in disapproval or get paid for your loyalty and become richer than the guy who married the ex-wife of a banker.

Diary of an EDM Enthusiast 

How do you define good music? Is it good beats? Is it good lyrics? Is it a catchy chorus?

To me, music is balanced proportions of the right beats coupled with right lyrics and silence in the right places. You don’t even need lyrics in some instances.

Among the many genres of music, Electronic Dance Music has a way with striking the right cords when it comes to “feel good music”.  It takes you from places of dormancy to places of hype.  That is why as I thought of debuting into the deejay world, I chose to start by sharing EDM mixes.

Though I am an amateur at the moment, I hope to grow my skills to higher levels in the next few decades and spread the joy of listening to good music. I welcome ideas on how I can improve and become better.

Below is my first music mix and as you’ve guessed rightly, it had to be EDM. Follow me on Mixcloud, have a listen and share wide:


​How to Win in Business 

Have you ever eaten a sweet pineapple piece and then feared partaking your next because it might be bitter enough to erase the sweetness you have just enjoyed, leaving a bad taste in your mouth? That is the same fear you have when you are releasing your product into the market.

Your product might be sweet but a lot could be left to anyone’s imagination when your marketing and sales efforts come into play. Your efforts can either leave the same sweet taste of your product or turn it into a bitter taste which makes it hard to win in business.

“Enough with the bitterness. Have you ever had a tall sweet glass of pineapple juice? I would like to believe that you did not care if the juice at the middle or at the bottom of the glass would taste any different after your first sip. You simply enjoyed it all the way.

That is how your product or service should be for you to win in business. Your brand should be strong enough to prove itself all the way.

In my opinion, your business should focus on the below key areas to be successful:

  • a unique and relevant brand or product that defends its value,
  • a seamless marketing team that controls your value preposition,
  • and a clinical sales team that scores.

The three can be divided into three sections from a soccer point of view: Defence, Midfield, and Forward.

1) Defence

Defence is the most critical in my opinion. Your competition will outscore you in all fronts if your brand cannot defend it’s value by itself. Your Brand team is thereby very important in ensuring that your brand value speaks for itself.

2) Midfield

In the information age or the social mobile era, your Marketing team has the biggest burden in rightly positioning your product. 57% of the customer conversion is aided at the Marketing level. Your Marketing team has the flexibility to understand your customer prefrences, their pain points, and how your product offers a valuable solution. Your Marketing team needs the same control and distribution skills that you would expect from a talented Midfielder. They should have the ability to defend the value preposition, hold the ball or rather nurture leads that are not ready to convert, pass good leads for conversion and even score or convert when opportunity arises.

3 ) Forward

Nobody likes to be sold to but everyone likes to buy. Your Sales team should be clinical in finding the right spaces to reiterate why the customer should buy and alleviate his or her pain through your solution.

When your defence team gells well with your midfield and your forward teams, you will stay ahead of your competition and win more customers. Stay ahead of the curve.

What is Your Chance for Success?

​Just because there are two possibilities, either something will happen or not, does not mean there is a 50/50 chance.

You do not have a 50% chance of landing your dream job because the other 50% of the chance is that you won’t. You do not have a 50% chance of starting a successful business because the other 50% is that you won’t.

However, a series of wise “NOs” and “YESs” can drive your success outcome to a 99.9% probability.

What are you saying YES to?

What are you saying NO to?

2017 Second Half Jetpack


First half of 2017 may have been a setback. Midway through the year and you are already wondering how you will get back. All your ideas seem to be cliché. Needless to say that every cliché was once a bold and original idea. So I’ll go ahead and share a plan which many will consider to be cliché. The plan is to plan.

The bare minimum one can do in readiness of big expectations is to make big plans. Big plans that will either catalyze or create a soft landing for your massive breakthrough.

What if things don’t come through as per your expectations, you may wonder. Well, you are free to adjust your plan progressively.

Changing your plan does not show inconsistency, it shows willingness and flexibility to make things work when situations change. Changing ones goals is what might come off as a sign of inconsistency.

Now go back to your drawing board. In the remaining days before second half begins, take a half-time break. Map out plans and actions that will help you exceed your expectations without needing extra time. If it’s a debt burden, map out a clearance plan to start enjoying financial freedom. If it is building burnt bridges, map it out. Map it out, map it out, map it out…

Heights! Ambition! Action!